“Much, much appreciation for your time, sharing of your knowledge in such a generous way with us all and not least.... PATIENCE !! I have found learning & practicing Yoga under your guidance such a stunning & nourishing experience including "waking up" to the truer meaning of Vinyasa which no doubt i will keep integrating for a while longer yet… Thanks again for everything and here is to much Continued Expansion for you and your teachings.”


“I loved last night - I felt great afterwards, it really helped to get into some tight bits, stretch out a lot of problem areas. I can’t wait to do it again. Plus it was very relaxing."

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“I really enjoyed the class and I have never felt so relaxed thank you. I suffer with severe anxiety so to walk into your class last night was a big thing for me but you made me feel very welcome. I slept incredibly well last night and am stiff this morning but after 6 months of not sleeping - I will accept the stiffness any day!!!”