KINGSTON POUND K£ - February Fiver Fest

A class for a fiver in February, awesome right? And you benefit the local community! Sign up now… just go to the Timetable + Booking page to see which class you’d like to come to and then email me at to book - booking is a MUST! Then either bring £K on the night or use the £Kingston app to transfer payment to my account. I am working on integrating £K payments into the site, so watch this space…

Now...what is Kingston Pound, I hear you ask...? It is a local currency that supports independent business and keeps our high streets thriving. You can download the app, buy it at or exchange Sterling for Kingston notes at Banquet Record in Kingston.

Find out more at and you can see all the other local businesses taking part in FiverFest February in Salmon magazine. Here’s the link (be patient, it takes a while to load - it’s a pdf). Salmon Magazine is also available and free in all most independent shops in Kingston.

Yoga encourages us to unite mind, body and spirit as individuals but also as a community. That’s why I accept Kingston pound, to supporting independent businesses and a thriving local community.